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Welcome Christine Hathcock, Director of Theatre DSHS

It’s an exciting time in Dripping Springs when we get to welcome an endowed master teacher to our theatre family!   Mrs. Hathcock came to us from Highland Park High School where she was Director of Theatre for over a decade.  Her vibrant and distinguished past as a theatre professional included performances on and Off Broadway and in Regional theatres.  Her dedication to and experience in fine arts is the perfect fit for our celebrated and rapidly growing DSHS theatre department! 

As a little girl, Christine found herself “obsessed with the witch” in the Wizard of Oz after seeing the play for the first time in kindergarten.  Her desire to know just “how the witch flew” sparked a curiosity about theatre that grew for years, culminating in her attending the Boston University School for the Arts where she studied fine arts.  Lucky for Christine, she finally figured out how that witch flew when she worked on the Broadway hit musical Wicked.    

Continuing the past outstanding outcomes of Gahsmta performances, adding state level appearances and producing confident young men and women reflect only a few of the goals Christine has as Director of DSHS theatre.  It is her hope that students will leave the program with an elevated, critical understanding of themselves ready to execute wholeheartedly any endeavor they seek.  

We are thrilled to welcome Christine to the Dripping Springs Theatre Family! 

Stay tuned for more Q & A on Mrs. Hathcock. 

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