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Join us for Richard the Third and The Illusion

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Please join us December 10th and 11th via virtual live stream at 6pm!

See both shows at:

The Dripping Springs Theatre Department presents Richard the Third, by William Shakespeare, and The Illusion by Pierre Corneille adapted by Tony Kushner.

In Richard the Third, Richard of Gloucester is determined to be king of England, no matter what. In order to gain the crown, he plots to kill family members, woo their widows, and end the lives of anyone who disagrees with his plan. Only in the end, he becomes a victim of his own greed and pride.

The Illusion follows a contrite father, seeking news of his prodigal son from a magician. The magician conjures up a life of love, intrigue, deception, sword fights, and humor in this whimsical play.

The students have been working through these challenging plays, both remotely, and in person. We hope you will enjoy these beautiful pieces of theatre!

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