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An Interview with Christine Hathcock, Director of DSHS Theatre

1. What was the show that you saw that made you say “I want to to do that!”?

In Kindergarten, we were bussed to a high school to see the Wizard of Oz. I had never experienced a play before, and I was obsessed with the witch. I had to figure out how she flew. I just knew that that was where I was supposed to be. Years later I worked on Wicked, and I would smile, thinking back to that witch “flying” across the stage.

2. What do you do for fun with your family?

What do we do for fun? Well, my son is a Senior at Westwood High School, and while he loves graphic arts, his big fun right now is writing college essays! My husband is a Real Estate Agent who owns Cirque realty, and He is also a contractor. He also used to work in contract law. He loves to rehab homes, so we are always looking at properties, and working on them. As a family, we love to entertain. We do Chopped challenges with one another, and we do a weekly movie/streaming show night.

3. Who has or does mentor you?

I have been blessed with amazing mentors! I don’t like to name drop, but since one of mentor’s has passed, I don’t think she would mind if I mentioned her. In our industry, I would answer that Tammy Grimes took me under her wing, and really showed me the ropes and acclimated me to NYC. Up until her death she remained a wonderful friend, and was just a wonderful, funny, highly intelligent lady. I have been so lucky to work with powerful women in our field. I hope to pass that forward.

4. Share an obstacle you have had to overcome either when performing or teaching that has impacted you the most.

This is a heavy one. I had a brain tumor during a very pivotal time in my career. A certain lady that was a mentor and touchstone for me, really helped get through this period. I had to leave Yale school of Drama, and it forced me to have to reassess things-both personally, and professionally. Obviously, things worked out-but that was definitely an obstacle.

5. What is something you hope to implement here at Dripping Springs?

I want to continue the excellent outcomes of Gahsmta, and add state appearances, and titles to our UIL One Act Plays. I always want to produce outstanding Theatre, and confident and capable young men and women.

6. Any last thoughts for the parents and kids involved with DS Theatre?

I just want people to know that I want the very best for our students, and I am here to support their dreams, and develop their talents with grace, humor, and purpose.

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