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The Jungle Book was a roaring success!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

In a pandemic version of “the show must go on,” Sycamore Springs Middle School’s Theatre Department took the live performance of "The Jungle Book" from the stage to the screen. Auditions and casting were completed on March 13, the last day students and teachers were in school before Spring Break and the subsequent campus closure.  Thirty students were selected, and online rehearsals began. When it was announced that remote learning would continue through  the remainder of the school year, SSMS theatre teachers Meg Steiner, Christopher Young and Taylor Rainbolt looked for another option to showcase their students' talents.

"It is our job to teach our students how to be innovative and resilient, so we felt the moral obligation to lead by example," said Steiner.  "There have been many challenges, especially with internet connections and technical difficulties. The cast is also serving as crew, in charge of their own individual sets, lighting, props, costume, and make up.  All the performers have such a small space to rehearse in since most of the kids are performing in their bedroom and can't go out of frame during their lines. The kids sometimes have to ‘look at each other’ by looking to the left or right which often creates some unintended slapstick comedy.“

Sycamore Springs Middle School Theatre Department’s production of The Jungle Book will be recorded and available for viewing starting Monday, May 11 via the Tiger’s Eye Theatre webpage, the Dripping Springs Theatre Booster Club website and on their Facebook page.

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